BJ Bridge for Android

Duplicate Score Card

BriJ has a way of representing duplicate scoring to give some idea of the competitive excitement of the game and give you a measure of how well you're playing. scoring The score sheet shows results for one game and keeps track of your average percentage achievement over several games.

Bridge scoring is complex.

You get bonus points if you make game (10 tricks bid and made in a major suit contract - or ; 11 tricks bid and made in a minor suit contract - or ; or 9 tricks bid and made in a NT contract).
You lose penalty points if you don't make your contract, so get a negative score.
Scores also depend on whether the Declarer's side is vulnerable (vuln on the score sheet).

If you want to know more, there are many web pages describing the method and giving examples of scores, such as this one .

My game shows the contract you played and whether you (South) were on Declarer's side. (In this case Declarer was East so you were defending).
Based on the tricks Declarer made, you get a score: -150 in this case because Declarer made 9 tricks, so successfully winning the contract for your opponents.

Match Points (MPs) represent a measure of how you did compared to others. In this case an MP of 0 is assigned because the other two pairs did better than you.  Scores are out of 6, so 3 MP represents a 50% Match Score.

"BriJ1" shows the result BriJ achieved given the same bidding and end contract as you, using fully automatic play mode.

BriJ2 shows the result where BriJ bids automatically and then plays automatically. Even if BriJ1 shows the same contract as BriJ2 the results may differ because BriJ may have used a different bidding sequence from yours and therefore drawn different inferences about where the cards are during the play phase.

Match Score is a percentage measuring your rank compared to BriJ1 and BriJ2 Match Point results. Don't take this too seriously – with only 2 contrived competitors, it's just a way of adding a competitive element.

Cumulative is an average of the Match Scores over a number of games. Beginners will be doing well to reach 50%. Improvers might aim for 70%..


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