BJ Bridge for Android

Bidding in the Auction

Touch one of the bidding cards from the central bidding box bid box to make a bid. The number is the bidding level. NT stands for a No trumps contract.

The yellow bar shows whose turn it is to play. (A red bar appears when it's BriJ's turn to bid and a blue bar shows when it's your bluetooth partner's turn).

Bidding "1♠" means that you reckon you can make 7 tricks with spades as trumps, bidding "2♠" means you can make 8 tricks in spades and so on. (If you jump a level you must first touch the  Stop  card. For example bidding 4♠ when the most recent bid is 1♠ requires the Stop card. To bid at a high level, press Stop several times to scroll the bidding box.

If you like, you can set BriJ  to make Stop cards optional.

Use the  Pass  card to say "No bid".

You must alert partner's conventional bids by touching the  Alert  bidding card, If you like, you can set BriJ  to make Stop cards optional.

You can also use the bidding cards: Double   X  and Redouble  XX . More on this in BriJ conventions.

If you change your mind about a bidding card you have touched, slide your finger to one side before letting go. Alternatively use the UNDO button after you play a card in error.

Showing vulnerability

Vulnerable directions (North, South, East, West) are in dark red ; non-vulnerable in light green. For example, here, East-West are vulnerable; North-South are not

Touch the hint tab to get help on what might be good to bid. You can take BriJ's advice (optionally by touching the (bid) link), or ignore it.

If you don't make a bid for a while, BriJ will show a "Did you know?" display.  This first help screen is intended for absolute beginners, so don't be offended if you are an experienced player! Use the Next tip button to look through more specific tips about the way BriJ works.

If you're really stuck and want to get on with playing the cards, just touch the Auto button in the Menu tab to let BriJ complete the bidding for you.

At any time you can also touch any bidding card already on the table to see hints on what the bid means and why the bid was made. From the central hint display that appears, use the arrow keys to cycle through the other bids.

BriJ uses whatever bidding conventions you have chosen. In the Lite version, this will be a Benji Acol style of bidding. Here are the BriJ Convention Card collection of bidding styles.

As well as the conventional bids listed, BriJ knows about and uses standard techniques such as Reverses and Jump bids, Jump shifts, Weak Jump Overcalls, Doubles (negative or for takeout or penalty), Redoubles and Looking for NT contracts in the way that you'd expect.


Once there have been 3 passes, BriJ will invite you to start the playing phase of the game.

Alternatively you can rebid the same deal from the beginning, review all the bids, or you can select "New Game" to start bidding for a newly shuffled deal.


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