BJ Bridge for Android

BriJ offers a series of "how to" videos explaining procedures to help with option settings:

   playlist of how-to videos

Option selection

Touch the Options button in the Menu tab to reveal the Android form of Action Bar:


On a mobile phone the words may be missing, leaving just the icons. On older devices, the action bar is replaced by the more traditional menu.

The Options button turns green. You can touch the button to hide the Action Bar if you don't need it any more.



Touch the action bar icons to reveal further menus of options.
The best way to find out what these do is to explore and experiment!

If you get into difficulties, you can always use the Reset to factory menu option (see below). This will put all optional settings and customisation back to how they were when you installed BriJ! (Nothing else on your Android will be affected, so no need to worry).

The options offered cover the following:


Select deal to illustrate convention (PRO version only) Currently just a few examples such as 'find a Puppet Stayman hand'.
When you request this feature, the card backs will turn black to warn you that deals are no longer totally random.
Don't forget to turn the option off when you've finished!

Run game by Website download

Load deals from your local BridgeWebs Bridge Club. This is one of several ways to load an existing set of hands Downloading bridge games from your club and Seeing results previously downloaded

Load deal from (pbn) file We've talked about saving the current deal and loading deals from your local BridgeWebs Bridge Club. This is one of several ways to load an existing set of handsSave deal to (pbn) file The easiest way to save a deal is to long-press the table Delete current (pbn) file The easiest way to delete an unwanted saved deal is to long-press the table Load next (pbn) file If you have downloaded a BridgeWebs session, this moves on to the next board number in sequence. An quicker way is to go to the Aim tab. See this video for details Manual deal Use this menu to deal a pack of cards by hand, perhaps to match a deal you find in a magazine Amend deal Like the manual deal, but starting from the existing deal. You can rearrange cards to suit your needs

    Settings - Screen layout options

Left-handed menus Option to show the BriJ menu on the left or right when in landscape mode Choose a style Pick colouring and orientation style Mobile mode Option to make more space for the cards in your hand on a mobile, especially when used in landscape mode Card size Option to change the size of playing cards along the bottom of the screen, for easier access File name display Option to sort file names into either alphabetic or date sequence when loading a deal file

Settings - Hint options

Show cards Makes all cards visible in both bidding and play. It's easier though to use the show all option on the BriJ menu Show target tricks before starting play Option to show BriJ's guess at the likely tricks to be made (in the contract panel) at the start of play Show robot contract before bidding Option to show BriJ's guess at the contract and likely tricks (on the table) before bidding starts Suppress full hint explanation Option to reduce information on the Hint tab to show just point count and inferences Show extended inference information Option to enhance information on the Hint tab to show extended information, including adjustments to point counts and losing tricks based on the position and number of passes. Also shows coded status information that may be required for Support

   Settings - Bidding and Playing options

Which hands to play?
  Play multiple hands and Play all the hands. An advanced option to allow you to play 2 or 3 hands at the same time. Usually the automation settings will be sufficient (see below)

Bid automation
A choice of 'Play against robot' (the norm), 'Play all hands' 'Play all, view one at a time' (you only see one hand at a time, but you play all 4 hands) and 'Use the "Which hands to play?" settings Play automation Just the same as 'Bid automation, this time for the 'Play' phase

    Settings - Define conventions (PRO version only)

 Convention card wizard Step 1  setting your bridge conventions  Choose the basic bidding system from Acol, Benji Acol or SAYC.
Set competitive auction aggression level. Low level dows not inflate your hand strength. Medium and high levels make adjustments during bidding to increase your strength when in a competitive situation.
Convention card wizard Step 2 Choose to include / exclude some specific conventions from your card.
Specify whether opening 2 of a suit is weak or strong for each suit
Convention card wizard Step 3 Specify high card point ranges for opening bids including 1NT and 2NT.
Back off from any Step to finish settings

    Settings - Reset options to factory

  When all else fails Reset all option settings to their state at installation:

More 'help' features 

Did you know? Another way to review the "Did you know?" help screens Help and Website Goes to the same Help welcome page, already mentioned Undo last bid or play Superseded now by using the "undo" button shown on the table Options for developer Normally only used for Support purposes, as requested

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